Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blitz Torte Cake And Finding A New Park

I made a new cake!

It was...ok. It looks oh so beautiful but there were a couple of changes I'd made if I was doing it again.

It's an old German recipe although I got the "revised" version from Vintage Cakes. Ze Blitz Torte Cake. A dark, cinnamony cake with a creamy custard topped with tangy berries.

So here is the recipe:

In other news...we discovered a new park beside my husband's work. There we were, thinking the parking lot was "the park," then walking along a small dirt path, and bam! Huge field, huge pond, right in the middle of a huge town.

My daughter picked wildflowers and found a tree branch with a hole to hold them while we ate.

I think my finger is in the way. Yeah, yeah it is.

Cutie pie.

What a wonderful surprise!

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