Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blitz Torte Cake And Finding A New Park

I made a new cake!

It was...ok. It looks oh so beautiful but there were a couple of changes I'd made if I was doing it again.

It's an old German recipe although I got the "revised" version from Vintage Cakes. Ze Blitz Torte Cake. A dark, cinnamony cake with a creamy custard topped with tangy berries.

So here is the recipe:

In other news...we discovered a new park beside my husband's work. There we were, thinking the parking lot was "the park," then walking along a small dirt path, and bam! Huge field, huge pond, right in the middle of a huge town.

My daughter picked wildflowers and found a tree branch with a hole to hold them while we ate.

I think my finger is in the way. Yeah, yeah it is.

Cutie pie.

What a wonderful surprise!

Children's Birthday Cakes for Everyone

I like making things myself. 
I can get pretty ambitious about baking, decorating, sewing, whatever.
But I really have no desire to learn to make the decadent fondant cakes that are so popular right now.
Want to know why?

Because fondant tastes so nasty.
Its like candy corn melted on top of your cake. I'm sure some people like it. I can do without. I can also do without those sheet cakes with dyed sickly sweet frosting. To be honest, I can really do without buying cake at all because, in case you hadn't noticed, I like baking.

So how then do we make a yummy cake for oh so picky children?

Simple. Let them choose. Not what "theme" they want, but flavors, toppings, style. 

Every year my daughter gets a strawberry cake but every year we switch it up. We've made cupcakes, strawberry shortcakes, neopolitan hi-hat cake, and strawberry chocolate cake.

But there are children who insist on a theme. Harry Potter, Legos, or in our case, baseball.

So this is when a bit of creativity can come into play. We started with an orange cake, topped it with whipped cream, and used strawberries as the baseball laces. There are so many other choices to make a fun birthday cake without sacrificing the cake itself. Start with your favorite cake and favorite icing, add marzipan, candy, candy characters, or make the cake fun or icing fun

This cake is via and it looks so perfect for a fairy birthday girl!

I know this is a terrible picture. My mom make this cake for my son's first birthday. The carrots are make from rolled starburst with twizzlers in the top.

One of our favorites. Lemon and orange layered cake with ombre frosting.
Ombre layered cakes or frosting are so easy to do and look charming. 

Image via

and throwing a couple of toys on top in a clever way is a super easy way to make a cake "kid friendly."

Image via

I am dying to make this planet (with cores) cake! It will be making an appearance for someone's birthday. When I'm feeling ambitious that is.

Rainbows? Pretty please
Image via

After all, as long as it's sweet, what child wont be happy, no matter what a cake looks like?