Monday, April 28, 2014

Tip! How To Fry An Egg

Frying an egg is one of those things that seems so easy...they do it in waffle house all the time and those guys certainly aren't the world's most skilled chef
But, like lots of other breakfast food, a fried egg is actually kinda hard to get right. At least it's hard to not crack the yolk everywhere. So lets do a run down of how to fry an egg:

Butter your skillet with approx. 1/16th a tablespoon of butter. Seriously, not a lot. You want enough that the egg can slide around in the pan but you don't want it to get soggy.

For a first egg keep the heat on high, second egg low, and all other eggs medium. I don't know why that works best, you'd think just medium the entire time would be fine, but the first egg never comes out right on medium heat.

So crack that puppy into there once the skillet is hot. You can see the outside and inside whites. The outside white will be runny and the inside will be jelly like.

Continue cooking until the outside edges get just a touch of brown and the outside white solidifies and isn't runny anymore. There will be a clear line between the outside and inside white.

Loosen the egg lightly with your spatula, then slide the egg onto the spatula and using the edge of the pan, flip. The top only takes half a minute or so to cook. Don't let it sit there for longer or the yolk will cook.

And slide (don't pick up!) your egg onto a plate. Done. Easy Peasy.

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