Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aboriginal Dot Cookies

It all started with a craving for cookies. 
Which was a horrible feeling because it was literally freezing outside and I had zero desire to go to the store for cookie ingredients. Pretty much all I had was butter, sugar, and flour.
So we just made sugar cookies.
But those are so BORING. 
So we cut them into shapes.
But the children wanted to decorate them.
We had no sprinkled.
So instead, we painted.

We had been talking all things zoo, so the animals made sense, but I wanted to make them more fun than attempting a realistic painting on a cookie. And it had to be simple for the children.

We actually had recently talked about Seurat (dot dot Seurat as we call him) so we looked up and explored aboriginal dot paintings.

And then created our own.

I made a simple glaze frosting and dyed them primary colors.

Then gave the children paint brushes and let them mix and paint.
Although we started off with the dot painting the children quickly got creative and came up with marbling, large dots, and other kinds of painting techniques. All in all the cookies ended up being adorable. And yummy, as all cookies should be!

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