Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Values: Storage Without Plastic

If you were to peak into my cupboards you would see bundles of recycled jars, tins, and baskets. Lots of baskets. My husband says I have a problem. I can't see an inexpensive basket without buying it. But they are just so useful! I bought a really lovely, sturdy basket once and the little lady checking me out at Goodwill told me that in her country (Korea) you wouldn't just pass up a good basket like that. She said they used baskets for everything...carrying food, carrying laundry, carrying babies. And I said Ha! I'm not weird! I'm just old fashioned! There really is something so much better about seeing the organic fibers of a basket instead of plastic all around your house.
Baskets are just so versatile too! Mostly I just use them as "catch alls"

Catch all for the kids

                                                     the dog's toys

Catching all mittens and hats

Catching all of those clothes that have been worn but aren't quite dirty yet

Catching all of the stuff my husband throws on his dresser

And for other things too, like picnics

And toys (quite a bit of my kids toys are in plastic bins though because my mom is a teacher and she gave extra ones to me. First rule of being thrifty is avoid buying so I have them instead of baskets. It's probably better for their rough housing anyway.)

 And washcloths

 And when you need a bit of pretty storage like for blankets

And for my makeup and other bathroom toiletries.

There's been quite a bit going on lately about potential dangers with plastics too. You're supposed to avoid plastics, especially for children. If I should ever need bottles for a baby I will definitely invest in some good glass ones.

I save, save, SAVE just about every glass jar that has ever come my way. I love not having to spend money on storage supplies in the kitchen, and plus glass is so much better at re-heating, especially for microwave-less people like us. To be honest, many times I will buy a certain product just because I like its jar better than the other. Only when all other things are equal. I don't particularly think that Bonne Maman jelly that much better, but I just love their jars and figure the extra couple of cents is worth having a jar with such a nice open mouth. I get the happy feeling of recycling, as well as the benefit of keeping some money in my wallet by not buying storage containers that will just break eventually. I do have some great pyrex dishes that are great for baking small amount of food, and for storage, and for reheating. And the best part is, they're pretty inexpensive, especially considering that they are just about unbreakable. I like saving bottles and jars for taking water with me (it's better than those mason jars that some people carry. Like what, you really can't find an actual bottle with a lid??) or for picnics, or when I make drinks at home, like lemonade or chocolate milk.

My dry-goods pantry and some cookie tins I found at T.J. Maxx. They had yummy cookies but for about 3 years now they've been holding my yummy cookies and cakes.

You can find cute storage containers just about anywhere, you just need to improvise. I have some seashells that used to be on my bookshelf when I was little but not knowing what to do with them now, I just put them on my dresser to think about later, but they have become wonderful, and beautiful, places to put my jewelry and a catch all beside my bed.

I bought this great tin container at T.J. Maxx (isn't that store the best??) but I really want one in the original gray that you get from garden and feed stores too. It has been so nice for the kids bath toys, and when my son was little I would give him a bath in it, or in the sink so I didn't have to use that clunky baby bathtub that they sell you in the store for a lot of money and then you can never use it for anything else again! Just putting a towel down in any kind of container and you have a great tub for your baby, as long as you're there to hold them up.


These pictures were staged but I had to because look how cute he was in his little tubby!

Our kitty shares my passion for baskets

Thanks To for the linkup!

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