Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Values: Cutting Hair Yourself

This is something I've seen lots of people say they wish they could do. I completely get it. For women especially, going to the salon is an expensive trip, and it almost has to be someplace nice or a little chica right out of school will massacre your locks to do some trendy style she wants to try. I usually follow the ever other cut rule, which really helps save, w hile also giving me a professional "template" to follow when I'm trimming it up on my own. My children though always have their hair cut by me.

It;s actually really easy to do, but it does take practice. If you have a long haired dog, or an old doll, that'd be good to practice on. Even when I first started doing it I still had to deal with a couple bad haircuts (my hairdresser would scold and scold me) but now I can do it really fast, and well, enough so that I've gotten very surprised compliments from my hairdresser.

Unless your hair is really short, long hair is incredibly easy to cut.
I think it's easier to do wet, and then touch up after I've dried it.

  • Brush it out, and pull about 2/3 of your hair up, leaving 1/3 down and ready to be cut.

  • figure out about how short you want it, and then actually cut it about 1/2 inch longer than that, an inch if you're going to do layers.
  • Right now you're just going for a straight cut, so do very small sections at a time, and pull the hair straight with your two fore-fingers. Take a bit that you just cut into the next section so you know how short to cut each additional section.
  • Keep coming back to check your work by pulling down on the first section you did and the last section you did to make sure they come to about the same length.

  • Pull down another 1/3 of your hair. Continue cutting as before, this time using the last 1/3 as a guide for the length. If you are cutting layers make this 1/3 just a tiny bit shorter than the last layer. Seriously, tiny. Like 1/8 inch shorter.
  • Pull down the last 1/3 of of hair and cut.
  • To make your hair lay properly, take a comb, and brush out a thin section of vertical hair. It should make kind of a triangle shape in your fingers. Cut off the triangle so it's a straight edge.

  • Continue around your head.
  • Double check your work. If any spots look choppy, pull them out and trim vertically again. Just don't do it too much.

I always find bangs to be a bit of a challenge, but they grow out quickly, so if you mess it upthere's not much harm done. Bangs can be straight across, thick, small wispy, or diagonal and fading into your hair.
Decide how you want them to look, brush out a small bit at a time, and cut.

Boys are really easy to cut. Just imagine a horseshoe shape going along the top of their head, with the straight part at their face. Brush this imaginary horseshoe to the front and clip all around it with shears. Then cut this horseshoe a little bit longer.

Boys without shears:
My son does not like the clippers, so I have to scissor cut his hair. This is really hard to do, so I would only recommend it if you have been practicing cutting a lot.

  • You're going to brush forward the horseshoe shape.Just like with girls hair, you are going to pull out the sides vertically, and cut straight across. You have to be very precise, and cut straight!

  • The top horseshoe shape it cut by pulling it up, and just giving it a trim, making sure to keep all of it the same length.
  • Don't forget to trim the edges and their sideburns. Just straight across, and not too short.

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