Sunday, September 15, 2013

No-Sew Plastic Bags

One of my biggest problems has always been dealing with the grocery store. I love going to the grocery  but I hate, I mean hate, the amount of garbage I have two seconds after I get home and unload everything. The plastic bags, the plastic packaging, the plastic produce bags. And none of it is ever recyclable or really re-useable. I've finally accumulated enough canvas bags from family members going to conferences and getting free totes that I don't have to use the plastic bags anymore, but having all of those plastic produce bags and packaging annoyed me so much. The cashier would always give me a dirty look if I would put more than one kind of produce in each bad (but really, they make them sooo big and then you put two tomatoes in them and it's like really? You expect me to put only ONE thing in each of these gigantic bags?). Thankfully a lot of grocery stores are starting to put in big bins where you can get your dry goods free of packaging, and I've made some simple muslim bags to put them in. Just sew the muslim on three sides and tie the top with string or in a knot to secure until you get home and can put your items in one of your lovely glass jars that I'm sure you've been saving :) 

But I've made these sewless produce bags too:

Buy a roll of burlap from a craft or fabric store. This was 9.99 for 3 yards. It's about 1.5 ft wide.

Cut to size. I did several 15 in bags (so cut 30 inches of fabric) for bigger items and some 10 in bags (20 inches of fabric) for smaller things. Fold fabric in half lengthwise.

Take twine and tie together sides by pushing twine through holes and making a knot. Do this about every two inches.

Tie up the two sides, leaving the bottom folded and top open. Voila! Super easy produce bags. It took me about two minutes to make each one.

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